Query better with Django ORM

by Mafinar Khan

Tools, Testing, and Practices Web & Databases

The ORM is a powerful and vital part of Django. It is simple and intuitive, but often some of the features are unutilized, leading to inefficiencies. In this cookbook style session, a selection of nontrivial query usecases will be presented, each introducing an ORM feature. Features covered are- advanced querying techniques, database functions, performance optimization, and legacy databases. It will be an interactive session and participants are encouraged to share knowledge and ask questions based on real-life experiences. The tutorial will end with a discussion on recent and upcoming ORM features.

About the Author

Mafinar is a Senior Software Developer at theScore. He learned Python in 2001 and since then not a week passed without any involvement with it, be it through coding, writing or speaking. Mafinar professionally worked with Python since 2009 and has constructed multiple vehicle tracking solutions, business automation systems, and internal productivity tools with it. When not coding, he enjoys cooking, origami, and horror movies.

Talk Details

Date: Saturday Nov. 16

Location: Clipper Room

Begin time: 16:00

Duration: 55 minutes