How to build bulletproof integrations

by John P. Kennedy

Web & Databases

Integrating with third-party services can be challenging. Network connections, API endpoints, and third-party Python client packages are often unreliable or poorly documented. Debugging production problems can be difficult because reproducing the issue is timeconsuming. In this presentation, I will share expertise learned from years of from building and maintaining integrations with 60+ services, including Salesforce, Intercom, HubSpot, Zendesk, Xero, NetSuite, and others.

About the Author

I’m a senior engineering manager that helps software companies build great teams and great software. I have 20 years of engineering and product management experience. I launched 2 SaaS products and managed an enterprise software product with annual revenue exceeding $100M. I hire and coach great people. I also write Python code.

Talk Details

Date: Saturday Nov. 16

Location: Concert Hall

Begin time: 15:00

Duration: 25 minutes