Container Workflows for Python Developers

by Aaron Wislang

Tools, Testing, and Practices

In this workshop we will go hands on with container workflows for Python developers. Expect something for everyone -- whether you are looking to containerize your first Python application, already run your own Kubernetes cluster, need to wrangle mountains of ML, or prefer "CI/CD to do it for me". Let's explore how containers and the cloud can make hard things easy and developers more productive with real-world scenarios and techniques that you will start using today.

About the Author

Aaron is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft with over a decade of software development, systems architecture & security experience across the major clouds, industries, and developer communities. His current areas of focus on the Cloud Advocacy Open Source Engineering team include Open Source, Go, Python, Containers and Kubernetes. Aaron and his wife currently live in Toronto, Canada with their two boys and a fish.

Talk Details

Date: Saturday Nov. 16

Location: Clipper Room

Begin time: 13:30

Duration: 90 minutes

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